frequently asked questions


where do i park?

During the week, there is 1 hour parking on Pin Oak Crescent until 5.30pm, and 2 hour parking around the corner on Finsbury Street. On weekends, it’s 1 hour parking on Pin Oak Crescent until 12.30pm, then free parking for the rest of the day. There’s also free parking further up Pin Oak Crescent (2 minute walk up).

How do i get there via train OR TRAM?

We are opposite New Market Station, on the Craigieburn line. It’s only a 12 minute trip from Flinders Street Station. You can also catch the 57 Tram on Elizabeth Street (opposite Flinders Street Station) which is a 30 min trip through North Melbourne - Jump out on Racecoarse Road just after you pass the train bridge.

How do i look after my tattoo?

For small to medium tattoos, we are covering all tattoos in a special protective layer that allows you to shower, swim, and sleep without care for 5-7 days. Once it comes off, switch to our preferred aftercare product, Inky Tattoo Salve.

If the protective layer comes off within 24-48 hours, give us a call for a more specific way to care for your tattoo - 03 9078 7696 (between 11am - 7pm, Tue - Sat)

I’m under 18 but mum’s all good with it…

No chance, sorry! You must be 18 or older, and must be able to present photo ID to prove your age on the day.